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 Sample Making Processes

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Clarco Know Your Shoes Design

Know Your Designs

The only way to make your shoes perfectly is to ensure efficient communication in the beginning. You can also try to send more details to let us understand your design better and with which, our team will go through your ideas/designs carefully, and then the product manager will keep you updated on the designing process via Skype/WeChat/WhatsApp or whatever app you prefer.

Clarco Opening Paper Pattern

Opening Paper Pattern

Before your design can be forwarded to production, our experienced staff will first study and learn the design carefully and then accurately draw paper patterns to ensure the most suitable shape of the shoe last. During the modeling process, the staff also needs to consider many factors, such as foot roll or heel height. That is to stay true to your design and match your expectations.

Clarco Material Preparation & Cutting

Material Preparation & Cutting

Now, the material expert can easily choose the appropriate materials according to the documents you provide, or the product manager will sort out the corresponding material requirements in the communication with you, and then send them to the material experts for preparation. The materials are usually cut from high-quality leather, mesh, flyknit, etc., and mark to indicate where the stitcher needs to sew.

Clarco Stitching


During the stitching stage, the materials that have been cut out are sewn together. Although the sewing processes vary if shoe styles are different, all of them will be carefully sewn by our experienced sewing engineers that guarantee the best shape, and size for sending them to the final stage – assembling.

Clarco Shoes Assembling


There is no doubt that your designs will come to life in the assembling department here, which is near the end of shoes making the journey; however, we always believe that this is just the beginning of our service for our customers, and that is why we spend a considerable amount of energies in a thorough final quality checking of the samples and ensure they are well-made before handing over to you.

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