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OEM Manufacturing

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 Manufacturing Processes

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Clarco Shoes Pattern Making

Opening Paper Patterns

In order to perfect your designs for mass production, our pattern-maker will draw a proportioned flat paper pattern based on years of production experience and unique insights into your design. You are welcome to talk more about your ideas/designs so that we can understand them better and make the most accurate patterns for you.

Clarco Shoes Material Cutting Line

Shoes Material Cutting

The material will be selected according to your design and then sent to the material cutting machine for custom cutting, Which requires skilled cutters to manually operate the machine to ensure cutting as accurately as possible. All of the required materials will be cut into certain pattern shapes before they can be sent to the next process.

Clarco Shoes Logo Printing Line

Logo Printing

After getting your materials well-cut, we will need to print your private labels on the materials based on the designs. The following is a list of common LOGO customization methods for your reference.

  • Color printing and embossed
  • High frequency logo
  • Embossed without color
  • Woven label
  • Rubber printing
  • Rubber patch
  • Embroidery
  • Sublimation
Clarco Shoes Stitching Line


Before all the required materials are delivered to the sewing department, the positions where the sewing expert needs to sew are marked. The process should rely on very professional sewing experts with at least 3 years of sewing experience to ensure that the shape of the shoe will be sewn properly.

Clarco Shoes Assembling Line


This is the last but most important stage where the staff assembles all the necessary shoe parts into one and takes all of your designs or ideas into the real product. This may be the first step to starting your own brand business, but it is also the beginning of our service.

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