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Quality Management System

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Three-time Sample Proofing

We will first make a single-size sample of your shoe, which contains some specifications you expected to help determine the material or machine performance, and our quality inspector will note down any possible problems so that the full-size sample, cutting die trying sample can be better adjusted.

Material Confirmation

The quality inspectors also need to confirm the materials before sending them for mass production. Especially the property, color must be carefully checked to ensure they are fully meet the requirements.

Mass Production Supervision

This is a very important step to ensure the quality of the shoes to meet the expectations, quality inspectors need to randomly select the shoes in production and thoroughly test the shoes.

100% Inspection

After mass production is completed, we also need to check all of the shoes to ensure that each shoe meets the requirements before shipping. It takes time, but it works.


After all the shoes are packed, we will load the goods and transport them to the designated logistics warehouse, waiting for the goods to arrive safely at your place.

Clarco Quality Control

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